February 2017 · Weekend Shorts

Weekend Shorts – Reading Beauty

This is probably the shortest short story I’ve ever posted, but I couldn’t resist. All I could think when I first read it was, “literally me”

Reading Beauty, by Abigail Ashing
Originally Published January 2016
He would’ve kissed me to waken me, a tradition of dubious morality, but there was no need. I have my own little bit of witchcraft and better things to do than sleeping. I make a point of turning a page. He stares at me. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting me to be sitting up in bed, hair disheveled, decidedly awake.
“The spell is broken?” He finally speaks “How can this be? My princess, it has been years since you were last seen.”
I shrug. “I suppose she knew what she was doing when she imprisoned me in a tower with a library.”

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